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Joined Floris

During the 2.5 development period in late July 2011.

Primary Areas of Influence

My Planned Changes for Floris 2.6

These are plans that may be subject to change depending on priority or available free time.

  • Center Improvements
    • Add new improvements for building. (Done)
    • Incorporate ability for AI to build improvements & logic for handling them. (Done)
    • Add in system for damage and repair of improvements. (Done)
    • Create new presentation for fief management to handle a larger number of improvements. (Shelved)
  • Rebuild the Autoloot System. (Done)
  • Dynamic Weapon Sets. (Done)
  • Companion Roles:
    • Storekeeper. (Done)
    • Quartermaster. (Done)
    • Gaoler. (Done)
    • Farrier. (Shelved)
  • Companion Acquisition Quests
    • Story of Odval returning to Tulbuk to "clear her name". (Done)
    • Story of Edwyn seeking out the knights that killed his family to exact his revenge. (WIP)
    • Story of Marnid finding his lost family heirloom, the remnants of his stolen caravan goods and proving his worth as a trader. (Shelved)
  • Nobility Quests
    • Quest Summoned to Hall (Done)
    • Quest Mercenary Contract (WIP)
    • Quest Patrol For Bandits (Done)
    • Quest Escort Prisoners to the Mines (Done)
    • Quest Destroy the Lair (Done)
  • Quest Pack 2
    • Create the Trade Rival System (WIP)
    • Quest Trade Shortage (Done)
    • Quest Trade Surplus (Done)
    • Quest Fortune Favors the Bold (Testing)
    • Quest A Noble Opportunity (Testing)
    • Quest Discount Enterprise (Testing)
  • Character Creation 1.1 Update
    • Added "Quest Difficulty" menu for incorporating the new quest systems. (Done)
  • Tournament Play Enhancements 1.6 Update
    • Refine the difficulty system to calculate a % value based upon game settings (1/4,1/2,1/1 damage), level scaling status, AI vs. Player level ratio and the difficulty slider setting. This will then refine the rewards for tournaments. (Done)
    • Refine the tournament item prize list. (Done)
    • Implement a "history of performance" log as a hall of records for the player. (Done)