Preview (Relation Matrix)

Relationship Matrix (beta)

What originally began as a simple idea of making it less inconvenient to switch between weapon sets and adding a little more functionality to our autolooting system has since turned into a growing "companion management system". This is with the goal of improving your interaction with companions and making them a little less maintenance to keep up to date.

Since I had some spare time off today, I began work on a companion relationship matrix report. The idea here is to reduce some of the confusion on which companions like or dislike one another, what their morality types are and how stable they are in the party. From this screen each companion will show the following information on their row:

  • Their stability rating based on how many liked & disliked companions are in the party.
  • Their current morale. While this is a little redundant it should help catch currently high morale companions with an unstable condition from becoming a low morale companion.
  • The morality settings for each companion as well as the magnitude of that morality type. The more positive the number following the morality type the more they'll be opposed to actions this type would find objectionable. A negative number indicates they are pleased by actions normally objected to by this morality.
  • The companion that this person views as a friend. If their name is green it means that friend is in the party.
  • The companions that this person views as enemies. If their name is red it means that this enemy is in the party.

The only companions shown are those that are currently within the party. If there is anything folks feel is a must have for this screen feel free to let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I'll get around to giving folks a sneak peak at the new autolooting system with the next update.

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