Hi, I'm imemine and I have been working on the Wiki for several months. I'm supporting Floris with a German translation since Version 2.53. If you are a German-speaking Floris fan, you can also enjoy the full Floris Wiki in German. (No article is missing - No kidding!). You can find an interlanguage link to the German Wiki at the bottom of each page.

But now, back to international Wiki issues. The following articles were added to the Wiki and several changes were made:

  • Wiki navigation:
    The green navigation bar has been changed and includes now a topic related content page (Wiki Content) and submenus linking to important topics. Hopefully, now you can easily find what you have been searching for.
  • Unit pages:
    The unit pages with detailed information are finished for the expanded troop trees. You can have a look at the stats, arms and armor of each unit.
  • Companions:
    The companion overview provides information on likes and dislikes (including conditions) now. Suggestions on companion selections (by eastpaw and Deis) were also included.
  • Items & Equipment:
    I have started to add overview articles with sortable tables for different item classes. Horses are already finished, armors and weapons will follow.

I hope you enjoy the new features of the Wiki. If you think some important information is missing, just let me know. Comment to this blog or leave me a message on my profile.

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