Items & Equipment Overview

Trade Goods & Food Items

Trade goods are any item you can buy and sell at a profit in Warband. Basically, anything naturally available at a goods merchant or for sale in a village is a trade good. This also includes food items, that have a party morale modifier and they are listed separately below to make things clearer.

List of tradable goods

Trade Good Base
Trade Good Base
Pottery Pottery 100 Hides Hides 120
Ale Ale 120 Date Fruit Date Fruit 120
Wool Wool 130 Flax Bundle Flax Bundle 150
Dyes Dyes 200 Leatherwork Leatherwork 220
Wine Wine 220 Linen Linen 250
Wool Cloth Wool Cloth 250 Salt Salt 255
Iron Iron 264 Furs Furs 391
Tools Tools 410 Oil Oil 450
Raw Silk Raw Silk 600 Spice Spice 880
Velvet Velvet 1025

Food Items
Item Name Moral
Item Name Moral
Grain Grain 2 30 Cabbages Cabbages 2 30
Fruit Fruit 4 44 Bread Bread 8 50
Smoked Fish Smoked Fish 4 65 Grapes Grapes 3 75
Cheese Cheese 5 75 Pork Pork 6 75
Beef Beef 7 80 Dried Meat Dried Meat 5 85
Sausages Sausages 5 85 ChickenFood Chicken 8 95
Olives Olives 1 100 Butter Butter 4 150
Honey Honey 6 220

Quality of tradable goods (Improved Trade Goods v1.0)

This mod pack introduces the concept of different qualities of trade and food goods. Trade goods have a huge range of qualities at 16, while food has fewer at 7. Different quality levels have price modifiers associated with them, which hold true for both trade goods and food items. Also, food items have a party morale modifier associated with their quality level as well, so higher quality food offers increased morale bonuses and cheap food lowers the morale bonus. Please see the charts below for the quality levels, price modifiers, and morale modifiers.

Quality Levels of Trade Goods
Quality Level Prefix Price Modifier
Masterwork x17.50
Exquisite x14.50
Lordly x11.50
Strong x4.9
Hardened x3.9
Thick x2.60
Well Made x2.50
Fine x1.90
Sturdy x1.70
Normal (No Prefix) x1.00
Cheap x0.90
Old x0.86
Crude x0.83
Poor x0.80
Ragged x0.70
Rough x0.60
Rusty x0.55

Quality Levels of Food Items
Quality Level Prefix Price Modifier

Food Morale Modifier Note: (#) is Negative

Exquisite x14.50 6
Lordly x11.50 6
Well Made x2.50 2
Fine x1.90 1
Regular (No prefix shown) x1.00 0
Fresh x1.00 0
Cheap x0.90 (2)
Rotten x0.04 (All)