Stat Units

There are now units in the game that - when you've got enough of them in your party - give overall bonuses to party stats (skills). Below you will see their bonuses and where to recruit them inside the parentheses.

Stat Units
Troops Required for
Party Bonuses
Unit Skill +1 +2 +3
Merchant (Town) Trade 1+ 5+ 8+
Hunter (Village) Foraging 1+ 5+ 10+
Hunter (Village) Tracking 1+ 5+ -
Scout (Castle) Spotting 5+ 10+ -
Looter (Recruit from prisoners) Looting 10+ 20+ 30+
Manhunter (Recruit from prisoners) Prisoner Management 10+ 25+ 40+
Monk/Priest (Town/Upgrade from Monk) Wound Treatment 1+ 5+ 10+
Surgeon (Castle/Upgrade from Monk) Surgery 1+ 5+ 10+
Bishop (Upgrade from Priest) Leadership 1 - -

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