Stat Units

There are now units in the game that - when you've got enough of them in your party - give overall bonuses to party stats (skills). Below you will see their bonuses and where to recruit them inside the parentheses.

Stat Troops are generally quite weak in combat excluding manhunters which can be upgrades to powerful late game troops, so try to keep them out of the fight. The best early stat troops to get are hunters, which can aid you in battle while staying out of range from the melee troops, monks/priests/surgeons are also very useful but be sure to keep them safe.

A useful tip to keep your stat troops safe is to assign them to their own hotkey group in the party manager and have them hold position at the spawn point at the start of battles.

Stat Units
Troops Required for
Party Bonuses
Unit Skill +1 +2 +3
Merchant (Town) Trade 1+ 5+ 8+
Hunter (Village) Foraging 1+ 5+ 10+
Hunter (Village) Tracking 1+ 5+ -
Scout (Castle) Spotting 5+ 10+ -
Looter (Recruit from prisoners) Looting 10+ 20+ 30+
Manhunter (Recruit from prisoners) Prisoner Management 10+ 25+ 40+
Monk/Priest (Town/Upgrade from Monk) Wound Treatment 1+ 5+ 10+
Surgeon (Castle/Upgrade from Monk) Surgery 1+ 5+ 10+
Bishop (Upgrade from Priest) Leadership 1 - -