Bandits Expanded Trees Overview

Sea Raider

Sea Raider

Jomsviking Shield, Nord Bow, Nordic War Sword, Bodkin Arrows, Haloygox, Nordic Great Axe, Hoggkesja, Vendelox Axes, Kastspjott Midtaggir, Old Round Shield, Plain Round Shield, Round Shield, Medium Yellow Leathershield, Medium Blue Leathershield, Blue Roundshield, Green Roundshield, Large Yellow Leathershield, Large Blue Leathershield

Blue Raider Hauberk, Nord Mail Sandals, Black Valsgarde Cheek Helmet, Brown Raider Hauberk, Red Raider Hauberk, Blue Nordic Light Armor, Green Nordic Light Armor, Green Viking Lamellar Armor, Red Viking Lamellar Armor, Green Patterned Lamellar Armor, Blue Patterned Lamellar Armor, Green Nordic Light Leather Armor, Red Nordic Light Leather Armor, White Nordic Light Leather Armor, Dark Green Nordic Cloth Armor, White Linen Skjortira, Blue Skjorta, Striped Skjorta, Green Blue Skjorta, Blue Trousers, Green Red Skjorta, Brown Skjorta, Green Linen Skjortira, Brown Linen Skjortira, Green Viking Tunic, Purple Viking Tunic, Red Viking Tunic, Eyebrow Spangen Helmet, Small Iron Valsgarde Helmet, Leather Cap, Fur Boots, Hunter Boots

Upgrades to:
I4 Nord Vigamadr
I4 Nord Vikingr

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