Skills Overview


Pathfinding, in short, is a skill that improves your speed in the map screen. It is governed by the Intelligence attribute. The number used for your party is determined by the character with the highest level in the skill within your party, and your map speed is improved by 3% per level. For example: In a party with a highest Pathfinding skill of 5 and a base travel speed of 6, the resulting 15% increase in speed gives you a total speed of 6.9...which just might let you scoot past that huge clump of Steppe Bandits.

Tips for Improving Speed

  • Have a few extra horses in your inventory. They act as pack animals, carrying the weight of other items in your inventory. Whether you're trading from city to city or hauling loot from those unlucky bandit hordes back to town, this can be helpful. Note that horse quality doesn't matter, so use the cheapest ones you find.
  • Cavalry units are faster than infantry units. If mobility is a high priority for you, try and use mostly cavalry in your party.