Personal Reports

These presentations can be accessed at "Reports" -> "View Personal Reports".


Credit: jrider

On this screen you'll find a list of the maidens your character has encountered during game play as well as any information you've been able to find out about them. Also listed are the poems your character knows for the purpose of raising relation with that specific lady.

Lady relations

Financial Report

Credit: Duh

(Modified from the Bank of Calradia v2.0 report by Garnier & Keedo420) Here you can find out a summary view of all of the land you own through the Moneylenders & Landowners system. Each town is displayed along with how many acres it has avaialble, how many you own, how much profit you should generate every other week and how much money is currently stored at that location.

Moneylending Report

Kingdom Reports

These presentations can be accessed at "Reports" -> "View Kingdom Reports".

Estates of the Realm

Credit: Windyplains

This screen lists out the lords of each faction based upon where the menu selector at the top is set to. For each lord it displays their relation with the player, lists the fiefs they own grouped by type and shows the lords they view as enemies as well as friends. This was added to help players decide who to best award fiefs to as a liege.

Estates of the Realm - small

Sovereign Relations

Credit: jrider

Here you can find information on the current state of diplomatic affairs in the realm of Calradia. On this presentation you'll see which factions are at war, allied or at peace with one another. You'll also find a general breakdown of faction strength in the form of current lords and centers owned.

(U is for Unassigned P is for Prisoners)


Known Lords

Credit: jrider

Listed on this screen are all of the lords you've encountered during play with information about their personality, your current relation with them and some of their personal stats. Of special note is how they feel about their liege which may point you towards opportunities for new vassal recruitment if you are a liege yourself.

Known lords

Reference Material

These presentations can be accessed at "Reports" -> "Reference Material".

View All Items

Credit: Rubik (from Custom Commander)

Shown on each page is an icon view of every item in the game. Not all items viewed are accessible in the game without use of the cheat menu, such as the flintlock pistol, but all exist. This will let you look around for the kinds of equipment you want to track down as well as a tooltip for the stats on each item when hovered over.

View all items

View Upgrade Trees

Credit: Rubik (from Custom Commander)

This screen gives you a summary view of the upgrade paths for every troop tree used by any faction including minor factions. Shown is the path of upgrading from one troop to another and the cost of that upgrade. You can also click on the individual troop icons to get a more detailed view of that specific troop's equipment and stats.

Rhodok Troop Tree

Other Presentations

Trade Ledger

Credit: Caba`drin

The ledger uses the "Assess Prices" option in market places to track the prices of items the player learns about. The ledger presentation is then sort-able by production town, destination town, item, or estimated profit. It can be trimmed by any of the things it can be sorted by. It also allows the player to specify certain items to ask about in every marketplace, based on their trade skill.

  • This presentation can be accessed at "Camp" -> "Take An Action" -> "View Your Trade Ledger"
  • Note: This menu option will only be visible if you have a Merchant's Ledger in your inventory.
Trade ledger
Trade Ledger2

Companion Overseer

Credit: Lav

This series of presentations will allow you to view the stats of each of your troops in your party at a glance. You will be able to see how much experience they have left to level, their skills and their attributes. At the top there is a series of three buttons for cycling through each page with additional pages giving you access to an auto-equip and inventory management screen.

  • This presentation can be accessed pressing the "o" key while on the world map.
Companion overseer party