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  • in normal warband going over 62 causes you to skip about 2000 levels 

    in this mod Floris the overflow problem still exists except I can easily get to 62 in Floris so it's actually a problem 

    TLDR any chance you can fix the overflow option i'm tired of hitting 62 and then losing because none of my units can fight at that level.or at least make leveling past 62 impossible would be appreciated.

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  • Whenever i start up the game the loading quits half in saying there was a problem with "something" textures and that they could not load. Its like this with every module.

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  • I have this problem you see?

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  • Thank you for the nice greeting. Actually I'm far away from being finished with the companion pages. There are a lot of things to do. :-)

    Once I collecting all necessary information that are still left. I'm going to learn how to create/use templates, to make it look more proffessionally.

    Can you explain me what the reputation of the companions are for? It can be seen at the Reports - Charakter & Companions page in the game. Does it actually affect anything yet? I can't find a proper description of that in the Internet.

    They are also a few things (very minor ones), that doesn't seem to be correct.

    The "Sarranid Sandal" should be named to "Sarranid Sandals"

    The "Rhodok Red Dress" is actually green.

    The "Khergit Green Court Dress" is brown.

    The "Khergit Blue Dress" is looking like a Black version of the Red Khergit Leather Dress.

    One thing I find odd is, Floris pretends to come from a very far land, the Charakter page says, he is from Khudan.

    In the Reports - Companion Overview you can click to a companion to gain more information about them. The Foraging Skill doesn't show there but the Firearms proficiencies. Also the quick view (Reports - Companion Overview) doesn't let me select the 21th & 22th Companion.

    many greets


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    • I'll make sure the minor item issues get fixed.

      Floris is from far away, but the way the code is setup he needs some kind of anchor point within Calradia (to prevent script errors).

      Companion Overview was designed with only native skills in mind. I'll have to take a look at it. Odds are with the new companion management system coming we'll probably remove the overview, companion overseer, autoloot (old system) and the autosell system.

      The reputations for companions (martial, sadistic, upstanding, etc..) are the same as lords and are used if they are promoted to one.

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    • Thanks for your fast response. I think I got everything to complete the Companion pages.

      Is there is a way to tell how much exp every companion have at the start? Because every new game, even from the beginning the exp varies.

      One last thing, the names of the new troops, mercenaries and the lat fork of the sword sisters seems to be named after german troops. If that is the case I can make a list with corrections, because it is my native language. I think it's more immersive if the troops are correctly named.



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    • There's no reasonable way to tell how much experience they have. I could use the module system to tell me, but if it varies then it isn't useful to know.

      Corrections for troop names should be directed at Monnikje as this is his domain.

      Excellent work on the companion pages. I was just looking at the template layout.

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