It is possible to marry female claimants (either Lady Isolla of Suno or Arwa the Pearled One).

Start the claimant questEdit

The first step is to go talk to one of the two female claimants in the game and support their claim to the throne. This will start the quest and put the player in charge of the rebels. After the original factions has been defeated, the claimant will assume control of the original faction and from that point the player will not be able to take any decisions concerning the realm. (the rebel faction will disappear and the original one will come back with the claimant as its ruler). The option for marrying the claimant will not show up unless the player has completed the quest and defeated the original faction.

Good relations with ruler.Edit

High renown, honour and right to ruleEdit

The ruler will refuse to marry the player if he/she does not have enough honor. Renown is also important as it seems to be the measure of the player's worthiness as a co-ruler, but if a lord in the kingdom has a higher renown than the player, the claimant will refuse to marry the player.

Low controversy and Marshall for two weeksEdit

The claimant will refuse to marry the player if he/she has a high controversy. This can be a problem as the player is required to be marshal for at least two weeks after the rebel faction has replaced the original one