Bandits Expanded Trees Overview



Hatchet, Swadian Club, Knife, Sarranid Sword, Swadian Stones, Pitch Fork, Shepperd Crook, Staff, Sickle, Cleaver

Red Gambeson, Hunter Boots, Nasal Cap, White Linen Shirt, Black Linen Shirt, Green Leather Armor, Khergit Red Armor, Blue Viking Lamellar Armor, Leather Peasant Outfit, Tunic with Green Cape, White Tunic with vest, Tunic with Red Cape, Tunic with Yellow Cape, Blue Tunic with vest, Green Tunic with vest, Red Tunic with vest, Swadian Slave Sandals, Swadian Sandals, Woolen Hose, Wrapping Boots, Monk Sandals, Ankle Boots, White Headcloth, Straw Hat, Red Felt Hat, White Felt Hat, Brown Felt Hat, Green Woolen Cap, Black Woolen Cap, Blue Woolen Cap, Red Felt Hat, Green Felt Hat, Padded Leather Slaver Armor

Upgrades to:
I2 Mercenary Edelknecht

Looters are "Stat Units", that give an overall bonus to looting skill, if you have enough of them in your party.

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