Known Bugs in the Current Version

Please note that this list is not all inclusive and is being developed. Also if a bug is shown below, but you believe you have more information to share on it that isn't shown in its description then do not hesitate to report it. More information in helping track down some of the more deceptive glitches is better than less. Please have patience as we try to resolve the issues that have cropped up to improve stability for the next version. For truly game breaking glitches we will usually try to release a patch, but normally the bugs that make it past the open beta period will stay in game until the next version is released.

Script Errors (general)



Character Creation


Combat Scenes

  • New background is showing up in the battle panel blocking view of combat. (Fixed for 2.55)





  • Moneylending/Landowners is still paying out rent for lands already sold.
  • Item prices with merchants can be exploited by buying/selling repeatedly. (Fixed for 2.55)