"I don't know if this is a bug but while I was riding with my Lord's army as a freelancer on the map all of the sudden I get a message that I was released from captivity and lost 6700 denars."


Not a Freelancer bug - Diplomacy bug in script "dplmc_remove_gold_from_lord_and_holdings" which was missing a troop argument so might strip the player of all wealth. Needs confirmation, but this should fix it.

Help Requested!

A 2.5 savegame where this happens would be very helpful, particularly if the save is near where the gold should disappear.

This is believed to be fixed in Floris 2.52. If someone can confirm it is still happening then please let us know. --Windyplains 04:20, April 24, 2012 (UTC)

Just had it happen to me in 2.52, clean download from the site. How can I get a save game your way?

Just happened to me aswell

When it happened to me it was after my lord's army was defeated and we were both captured. The enemy lord took us both into captivity. Later I escaped, but the lord held a copy of me. Curious, I tried to break both my lord and myself out of prison. When I spoke to my lord, my only options (instead of the usual prison break directions) were to tell him we would be staying a while or we ride out at dawn. Similarly, when attempting to talk to my clone, he gave me the diplomacy officer options, like accessing my treasury or asking him to train new recruits. I eventually gave up on this and went on my way. Many weeks later, the message that I (my clone) had been released from captivity came up, and I lost all my money. This was in 2.52, running on warband 1.143.