Floris: 2.53 Gameplay Warband: 1.153

Bug: Companions stuck in endless weapon swap during tournaments

Details: In the tournament options, I gave all my companions the following equipment:

1h/sword 2h enhanced armor

The teams were "2 teams of 2". When we spawned, there was a companion on my team as well as a companion on the other team with a random NPC. I killed the random NPC and my two companions ran to the middle of the arena and did nothing for 10 minutes but bump each other and switch from 1h/shield to 2h to 1h/shield to 2h (repeatedly). Eventually I had to kill the opponent to end the round. When I modified the weapon choices to give only 1 melee type or 1 melee type + bows they fought correctly.


Confirmed. Investigating fix.