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I'm having an issue in the expanded version. When I get marshalship no one will answer my summons. I thought this was weird so traveled around and asked a few lords in my faction what they where doing. All of them said they where not following the marshal because he was currently indisposed. I am not throwing a feast or anything like that so I have no idea would could be triggering it.


A small update on the marshal issue. I was offered marhsalship again and took to see if I noticed anything odd. Well, when I talked to my companion to to start the campaign I noticed that the dialouge choice he gave was for telling everyone to go home rather than gathering to start a new campaign. For some reason when I get marshalship I am assumed to have already summoned the lords to start a campaign when I have not. The lords don't respond to the "auto summon" either. I picked the only option presented to me and waited a few days and then told a companion to tell the lords to gather for a campaign while I was standing near a city a few lords where patrolling around. I waited a few days and no one came. I asked a few lords what they where doing and they told me they weren't on campaign because the marshal was indisposed.


Fixed in 2.53

May have connection to Freelancer as the player was previously enlisted.
{C}Indisposed message comes from script "npc_decision_checklist_troop_follow_or_not" failing:
{C}(troop_get_slot, ":faction_marshall_party", ":faction_marshall", slot_troop_leaded_party),
(neg|party_is_active, ":faction_marshall_party"),

So either the player isn't recorded as marshal correctly or player's party isn't active