Bug Report

There is a minor bug with King Ragnor , the default ruler of Kingdom of Nords. In the game, world map, he runs around with his banner just fine but when he enters into battle, the 'tiny circle' on top of friendly troops, that are his, are bannerless. the circle on top of his troops show the 'checkered red and black' that signifies bannerless troops. no idea why, can this be fixed?


Fixed for 2.52

I cannot see any reason for this. The math in script_game_start setting (troop_set_slot, ":cur_faction_king", slot_troop_banner_scene_prop, ":cur_faction_banner"), works out just fine, so it should be storing correctly, but this suggests it is actually storing a 0, rather than 650-655. Will need to see if I any of us devs can duplicate this Caba 18:44, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Found: banner_scene_props_end_minus_one = "spr_banner_kingdom_n" # "spr_banner_lords_sarranid21" #Floris 2.52 fix

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