Quoted from bug threadEdit

On 2 different playthroughs i suddenly get a dialogue popup every 5 seconds when i am on the worldmap.

its always the a3 mercenary armbrust who says the text:
sorry - just talking to myself [error (triggered by npc to join party)]

The first playthrough it happened around day 180 and the second at day 295.
Both times it happened a few weeks after i became king.

(Text set/called from line 4712 )


Fixed for 2.52.

Tentatively added fix line round the line marked above for patch 2.52...don't know where the variable "$npc_to_rejoin_party" gets set incorrectly though. Need to track that down....Found it: (assign, "$npc_to_rejoin_party", ":mercenary_armbrust_miliz"), in module_triggers. A mix of a Diplomacy bug and a Multiple Troop Trees bug, it would appear.

Corrected in module_dialogs.Caba 00:56, April 4, 2012 (UTC)