Quote from bug thread: Floris: 2.53 Gameplay Warband: 1.153


Tournament: Bid on "2 teams of 1" can void your payout because of points selection


I selected "2 teams of 1" and slid the bid slider over to "100" and when I clicked "done" I noticed the screen where you "enter the next round" said "you have not placed a bid".

I went back into the options and nudged the "points" bar to "1" (it was on "0"). Back on the "enter the next round" screen, it said "you bet 100 denar you will earn 2 points".

The problem is I can never earn 2 points because it's 1v1. It took my bet each round but even though I won there was no payout.


Confirmed. I'll figure something out, but most likely 2v1 matches will be disabled as they just don't work correctly with this system. I still intend to create a 1v1 tournament system (similar to dunde's) or incorporate his into TPE when I get around to it. Windyplains 11:57, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

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