New Challenges

Banditry On The Rise

Calradia has long had its issues with the roaming bandits of the realm, but within the mod you'll find their numbers renewed in force with leaders to guide them. It is possible you may even find them amassing armies of their own.

Expanded Troops by Monnikje

The default troop tree found within the Floris mod, these troops are considerably higher in level, skill and better geared than their native counterparts.

Tournament System by Windyplains

The tournaments have been overhauled to heavily increase their difficulty, yet still provide a great deal of flexibility for players of differing skill. The higher you set your difficulty the greater your rewards for winning will be.


Instead of blindly charging at your party the AI, if set to use the "formations AI" in the Floris Mod Options, will often take a defensive position and work as a coordinated group.


The heavier the armor your character is wearing the more they'll begin to see penalties to power draw, riding, horse archery and athletics.