Freelancer Expanded Tree Overview

I5 Freelancer Swordmaster

I5 Freelancer Swordmaster

Default Arms:
Black and White Kite Shield, Clamshell Claymore, Knight Sword
Arms Selection:
Heavy Kite Shield, Decorated Brass Shield, Yellow Roundshield, Golden Heater Shield, Sarranid Steel Shield, Jarl Sword, Khergit Sabre, Nordic War Sword, Castellan Sword, Sarranid Cavalry Sword, War Cleaver, Dark Two Handed Sabre, Danish Greatsword, Greatsword, Large Two-handed Scimitar

Default Armor:
Heraldic Mail with Surcoat, Highlander Mail Boots, Bas Helmet, Iron Articulated Gauntlets
Armor Selection:
Black Coat of Plates, Red Cuir Bouilli, Green Sarranid Chain Armor, Mail Hose, Mail Chausses, Red Flattop Helmet, Vaegir Nobleman Helmet, Magyar Helmet, Blue Valsgarde Chain Helmet, Round Kettle Helmet, Yellow Horseman Helmet, Mail Gauntlets, Mail Gauntlets, Khergit Armor Gauntlets, Nord Scale Gauntlets, Black and White Gauntlets, Brass Scale Gauntlets

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