Freelancer Expanded Tree Overview

I1 Freelancer Recruit

I1 Freelancer Recruit

Default Arms:
Swadian Corner Heater Shield, Boar Spear, Hatchet, Clamshell Dagger
Arms Selection:
Fur Covered Kite Shield, Old Round Shield, Small Red Woodenshield, One Handed Axe, Steppe Axe, Jomsviking Axe, Pickaxe, Desert Axe, Scythe, Khergit Staff, Sviar, Pitch Fork, Staff, Sickle, Khergit Dagger, Seax, Rondel Dagger, Khyber Knife

Default Armor:
Green Tabard, Swadian Sandals, Yellow Hood
Armor Selection:
Red Vaegir Tunic, Brown Fur Coat, Blue Viking Tunic, White Tunic with vest, Black Worn Robe, Vaegir Sandals, Khergit Sandals, Nord Sandals, Bear Paw Boots, Sarranid Sandal, Red Felt Hat, Red Douli, Green Woolen Cap, Dark Felt Hat, Yellow Turban

Upgrades to:
I2 Freelancer Militia
A2 Freelancer Hunter

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