Items & Equipment Overview


Floris Expanded includes 201 and Floris Gameplay (Basic) 29 different mounts:

Mount Quality

Quality Level Prefix Effect Price Modifier
Lame -5 speed, -5 maneuver x0.40
Swaybacked -2 speed, -2 maneuver x0.60
Stubborn +1 riding, +5 HP x0.90
Timid -1 riding x1.80
Heavy +3 armor, +4 charge, +10 HP x1.90
Spirited +2 speed, +1 charge, +1 maneuver  x6.50
Champion +2 riding, +2 speed, +2 armor, +2 charge x14.50


White Cow Brown Cow Brown-White Cow Black-White Cow Pig Chicken Sheep White Goat Brown Goat
Wild Boar Wolf Young Deer Male Deer Female Deer Wild Donkey

Although animals can be accessed via Cheat & Debug Mode they are not ment to be ridden. They are scene props.

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