Graphical Improvements

This article deals only with graphical improvements. See here for all mods included in Floris Mod Pack.

For visual impressions have a look at this page.

This article details most graphical improvement mods included in Floris Mod Pack.

Skin Enhancements

Face and UI textures v1.2 by Jed_Q improves the quality of face and user interface textures. Face Improvement Project v1.0 by Iboltax improves face textures. Face Textures v1.0 by Aquil increases face texture fidelity. Female face model and textures replacer v1.30 by Broken_one and Barf improves female face texture quality. New Hairs for Warband v1.0 by Jaymosuke, Throttlekitty, Ren, Rosesim, Nouk and Aligeth increases hair fidelity. Sibylla Pack Unfinished improves weapon skins. Thel's Face Pack v3.0 by Thel improves face skins. Yiyang Chen's new face textures v1.3 by Yiyang Chen, Jed_Q and Rosha changfes face textures.

Skybox Enhancements

Panoramic v2.0 and Polished Skyboxes v0.9 by TheWitcher and Soil/Charan respectively improve the quality of the skyboxes and background textures. Expanded Horizons v1.1by Openshaw creates the illusion of larger maps.

Scenery Textures

Polished Landscapes v1.0by gutekfiutek improves scene textures, mostly battlefields.

World Map

World Map HD v1.1increases the resolution and fidelity of the world map texture. It also provides a slightly more gritty look. By painbringer.

Plant Improvements

More natural grass v2.0 by Taro8 and Flora Enhancement Mod v1.2by Killkhergit make strides in flora texture quality

Improved Buildings

Whilst SendMeSmile has improved building textures, and gutekfiutek has improved building props.

Several banner enhancements have been made within the mod using resources from MarkQuinn's Better Banners Mod v2.0 and the Extreme Banner Pack v1.0 by chukcha.

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