Bandits Expanded Trees Overview

Forest Bandit

Forest Bandit

Spiked Black Highlander Shield, Straight Bow, Senlac Sword, Gromite Arrows, Hatchet, Small Glaive, Crusader Longsword, Swadian Practice Bow, Swadian Club, Knife, Killer Dagger, Mercenary Dagger, English Longsword, Hunting Bow, Short Bow

Blue Scale Armor, Wrapping Boots, Segmented Helmet, Green Scale Armor, Black Scale Armor, Green Leather Armor, Blue Padded Leather, Leather Jerkin, Red Leather Jerkin, Black Leather Armor, Blue Leather Armor, Red Leather Armor, Light Leather Armor, White Padded Leather, Black Padded Leather, Red Padded Leather, Leather Vest, Dark Leather Jerkin, Leather Peasant Outfit, Padded Leather Peasant Outpit, Green Leather Peasant Outfit, Dark Leather Peasant Outfit, Spiked Padded Peasant Outfit, Tunic with Green Cape, Tunic with Red Cape, Tunic with Yellow Cape, Yellow Hood, Black Hood, Red Hood, Swadian Slave Sandals, Swadian Sandals, Woolen Hose, Dark Leather Gloves, Leather Mittens, Green Leather Gloves, Leather Gloves

Upgrades to:
A4 Swadian Longbowman
I4 Swadian Jacobite

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