Affiliate to a family (Diplomacy Mod)

As a vassal you can affiliate within a family from a faction, that you have joined. Family include the referent lord (the one you talked with to be affiliated), and his family, but not "the family of the family member".


  • Should first have joined faction family.
  • Should not be already affiliated to another family.
  • Relation with referent lord should not be negative ( >= 0).
    If lord character:
    • martial , then player renown required >= lord renown
    • cunning , then player right-to-rule required >= 10
    • sadistic/debauched , then player honor required < -7
    • upstanding , then player honor required > +5
    • goodnatured, then faction relation required >= 90
    • selfrighteous/pitiless , then player's fortune (money) required >= (lord renown)*65
    • default/custodian or quarrelsome/badtempered, then player relation with lord required >= 14
  • Talk to lord.
    Try to persuade him (one attempt per week).


  • Relation with each family member increased (if >= 0 then +10 . If negative, then set to zero).
  • Relation with each family member increased monthly (+4).
  • Relation with rivals of each family members affected (-8).
  • Family members could not refuse to marry daughter to you.
  • No tax when resting inside family owner castle/town.
  • If family member defeated, -3 relation point with all family members.
  • If family member imprisoned, -4 relation points per week with him.

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