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Estates of the Realm - small

As seen in Floris 2.52

This report provides an overview of information on a specified faction's lords for easing the decision of who to assign a new fief to. It provides information on:

  • A lord's current fiefs and their type.
  • A lord's current relation with the player.
  • A lord's current enemies who will certainly lose relation with the player if this lord is awarded the fief.
  • A lord's current friends who will certainly gain relation with the player if this lord is awarded the fief.


How to Access This PresentationEdit

  • You can find this screen using the "report" button on the world map.
  • Select "Kingdom Reports" and then "View Lord Holdings".


  • You set the faction by using the small button in the upper left corner of the screen using the arrows to cycle through factions.
  • Each of the lords of that faction should be displayed in the center section where you can scroll down using your mouse wheel.

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