Clothing & Armor Overview


Dresses available in Floris Gameplay and Floris Basic is marked grey.

Name Faction Buyable at Merchant Price Abundance Weight Body Armor Leg Armor Quality Modifier
Bride DressBride Dress 500 31010Clothes
Swadian Pink DressSwadian Pink DressSwadiaYes6++162Clothes
Swadian Woolen DressSwadian Woolen DressSwadiaYes10+1.7582Clothes
Swadian Red Court DressSwadian Red Court DressSwadiaYes1500---4144Clothes
Swadian Brown Court DressSwadian Brown Court DressSwadiaYes1500---4144Clothes
Swadian Queen DressSwadian Queen DressSwadiaYes5000near 041010Clothes
Swadian White Court DressSwadian White Court DressSwadiaYes1500---4144Clothes
Swadian Black Court DressSwadian Black Court DressSwadiaYes1500---4144Clothes
Swadian Blue Court DressSwadian Blue Court DressSwadiaYes1500---4144Clothes
Vaegir Peasant DressVaegir Peasant DressVaegirYes6++162Clothes
Vaegir Brown DressVaegir Brown DressVaegirYes10+31010Clothes
Vaegir Red Court DressVaegir Red Court DressVaegirYes1500---31010Clothes
Vaegir Black Court DressVaegir Black Court DressVaegirYes1500---31010Clothes
Vaegir Yellow Court DressVaegir Yellow Court DressVaegirYes1500---31010Clothes
Vaegir Green Court DressVaegir Green Court DressVaegirYes1500---31010Clothes
Vaegir Blue Court DressVaegir Blue Court DressVaegirYes1500---31010Clothes
Khergit Red Leather DressKhergit Red Leather DressKhergitYes6++31010Clothes
Khergit Blue DressKhergit Blue DressKhergitYes10+31010Clothes
Khergit Blue Court DressKhergit Blue Court DressKhergitYes1500---31010Clothes
Khergit Green Court DressKhergit Green Court DressKhergitYes1500---31010Clothes
Khergit Red Court DressKhergit Red Court DressKhergitYes1500---31010Clothes
Khergit Purple Court DressKhergit Purple Court DressKhergitYes1500---31010Clothes
Khergit Decorated Court DressKhergit Decorated Court DressKhergitYes1500---31010Clothes
Nord Peasant DressNord Peasant DressNordYes6++162Clothes
Nord Blue DressNord Blue DressNordYes10+162Clothes
Nord Green Court DressNord Green Court DressNordYes1500---31010Clothes
Nord Purple Court DressNord Purple Court DressNordYes1500---31010Clothes
Nord Yellow Court DressNord Yellow Court DressNordYes1500---31010Clothes
Nord Blue Court DressNord Blue Court DressNordYes1500---31010Clothes
Nord Red Court DressNord Red Court DressNordYes1500---31010Clothes
Rhodok Red DressRhodok Red DressRhodokYes6++162Clothes
Rhodok Peasant DressRhodok Peasant DressRhodokYes10+162Clothes
Rhodok Blue Court DressRhodok Blue Court DressRhodokYes1500---31010Clothes
Rhodok Green Court DressRhodok Green Court DressRhodokYes1500---31010Clothes
Rhodok Red Court DressRhodok Red Court DressRhodokYes1500---31010Clothes
Rhodok Purple Court DressRhodok Purple Court DressRhodokYes1500---31010Clothes
Rhodok Yellow Court DressRhodok Yellow Court DressRhodokYes1500---31010Clothes
Sarranid Gray DressSarranid Gray DressSarranidYes6++31010Clothes
Sarranid Brown DressSarranid Brown DressSarranidYes10+31010Clothes
Sarranid Purple Court DressSarranid Purple Court DressSarranidYes1500---31010Clothes
Sarranid Orange Court DressSarranid Orange Court DressSarranidYes1500---31010Clothes
Sarranid Queen DressSarranid Queen DressSarranidYes5000near 031010Clothes
Sarranid Red Court DressSarranid Red Court DressSarranidYes1500---31010Clothes
Sarranid Green Court DressSarranid Green Court DressSarranidYes1500---31010Clothes
Sarranid Blue Court DressSarranid Blue Court DressSarranidYes1500---31010Clothes
Total: 45


  1. Specifies how frequent the item can be found:
    '---' very rare, '--' uncommon, '-' sometimes, 'o' often, '+' frequent, '++' regular.

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