Bandits Expanded Trees Overview

Desert Bandit

Desert Bandit

Leather Covered Round Shield, Leopard Bow, Sarranid Arming Sword, Sarranid Arrows, Spiked Mace, Iron Staff, Desert Lance, Two-Handed Scimitar, Sarranid Practice Bow, Jarids, Hunting Bow, Short Bow

Brown Skirmisher Armor, Sarranid Shoes, Yellow Tuareg, Red Skirmisher Armor, Yellow Skirmisher Armor, Light Green Quilted Vest, Yellow Sarranid Leather Armor, Red Quilted Vest, Green Quilted Vest, Green Yellow Quilted Shirt, Blue Quilted Shirt, Gray Sarranid Leather Armor, Yellow Archer's Padded Vest, Red Archer's Padded Vest, Blue Archer's Padded Vest, White Headcloth, Straw Hat, White Arming Cap, Yellow Turban, Yellow Noble Turban, Red Turban, Blue Turban, Red Noble Turban, Blue Noble Turban, Yellow Tuareg, Blue Rabati

Dun Desert Horse, Bactrian Camel, Bay Desert Horse, Brown Desert Horse, Dark Brown Desert Horse, Light Brown Desert Horse, Calradian Camel, Sarranid Camel

Upgrades to:
C4 Sarranid Timariot
H4 Sarranid Badw

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