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Companions of Floris

Credit: Taleworlds & Monnikje

Several new companions have been added with Floris. As a result, many of the native companions have had some minor alterations to their like / dislike / objection settings as well as the accompanying dialogs so that these new companions could be easily integrated into the mix.

Floris Portrait


Gathering Companions at Game Start

Credit: Custom Commander Mod

In the Floris mod you have an option at character creation to "gather companions". Normally companions will be scattered across Calradia's taverns and move from one to another every few days. This option causes all companions to be gathered at the same tavern in the city you elected to begin play in. It should be noted that due to the limited number of spots for individuals to stand in a tavern that not all companions will be displayed. If you hire a few and re-enter the tavern more will show up.

Gather Companions

Companions gathered in Sargoth.

Companion Acquisition Quests

Credit: Windyplains & Monnikje
(Coming with Floris 2.6)

Additionally some companions have had their background stories enhanced upon by adding new quests to the game. For these companions these quests can be done in lieu of paying the initial fee of hiring. They will generally consist of five or more quests beginning with an introduction quest when you first meet them. Once you've learned why they are on the road working as a mercenary and agree to help them with solving whatever problem they may have you will trigger their story arc quest.

Edwyn Knight Three

Dynamic Weapon Sets

Credit: Windyplains
(Coming with Floris 2.6)

With dynamic weapon sets you will be able to designate which weapons you want a companion, or yourself, to use in combat ahead of time without having to switch them manually depending on the type of battle. This will allow better use of infantry only weapons and make playing a character who may use different weapons on an open field than he would in a siege.

Dynamic Weapon Sets (Beta)

DWS Configuration Panel

Companion Relation Matrix

Credit: Windyplains
(Coming with Floris 2.6)

If you have ever had trouble figuring out why your companions are trying to leave or if your party has a stable relationship then this is where to find that information. Listed within you'll find each companion currently in your party, their current stability, morale, who they dislike working with and who they consider a friend.

Preview (Relation Matrix)

Relationship Matrix

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