Clothing & Armor Overview


Clothes available in Floris Gameplay and Floris Basic is marked grey.

Name Faction Buyable at Merchant Price Abundance Weight Body Armor Leg Armor Quality Modifier
Swadian Merchant OutfitSwadian Merchant OutfitSwadiaYes348-4164Clothes
Green Swadian Noble OutfitGreen Swadian Noble OutfitSwadiaYes700---4257Clothes
White Linen ShirtWhite Linen ShirtSwadiaYes6++161Clothes
Brown Mountain ClothBrown Mountain ClothSwadiaNo3+++431Clothes
Green TabardGreen TabardSwadiaYes15++3102Clothes
White Swadian Noble OutfitWhite Swadian Noble OutfitSwadiaYes700---4257Clothes
Yellow Swadian Noble OutfitYellow Swadian Noble OutfitSwadiaYes700---4257Clothes
Blue Swadian Noble OutfitBlue Swadian Noble OutfitSwadiaYes700---4257Clothes
Purple Swadian Noble OutfitPurple Swadian Noble OutfitSwadiaYes700---4257Clothes
Orange Swadian Noble OutfitOrange Swadian Noble OutfitSwadiaYes700---4257Clothes
Black Linen ShirtBlack Linen ShirtSwadiaYes6++161Clothes
Yellow Linen ShirtYellow Linen ShirtSwadiaYes6++161Clothes
Red TabardRed TabardSwadiaYes15++3102Clothes
Purple TabardPurple TabardSwadiaYes15++3102Clothes
Blue TabardBlue TabardSwadiaYes15++3102Clothes
Leather JacketLeather JacketVaegirYes305-315 Clothes
Brown Vaegir Noble OutfitBrown Vaegir Noble OutfitVaegirYes650---4246Clothes
Red Vaegir ShirtRed Vaegir ShirtVaegirYes5++15 Clothes
Gray JacketGray JacketVaegirNo2+++12 Clothes
Red Vaegir TunicRed Vaegir TunicVaegirYes13++181Clothes
White Vaegir Noble OutfitWhite Vaegir Noble OutfitVaegirYes650---4246Clothes
Yellow Vaegir Noble OutfitYellow Vaegir Noble OutfitVaegirYes650---4246Clothes
Green Vaegir Noble OutfitGreen Vaegir Noble OutfitVaegirYes650---4246Clothes
Red Vaegir Noble OutfitRed Vaegir Noble OutfitVaegirYes650---4246Clothes
Vaegir Noble OutfitVaegir Noble OutfitVaegirYes650---4246Clothes
Blue Vaegir ShirtBlue Vaegir ShirtVaegirYes5++15 Clothes
Green Vaegir ShirtGreen Vaegir ShirtVaegirYes5++15 Clothes
Black Vaegir TunicBlack Vaegir TunicVaegirYes13++181Clothes
Purple Vaegir TunicPurple Vaegir TunicVaegirYes13++181Clothes
White Vaegir TunicWhite Vaegir TunicVaegirYes13++181Clothes
Nomad VestNomad VestKhergitYes360-7175Clothes
Kazakh RobeKazakh RobeKhergitYes590---13236Clothes
Green Pelt CoatGreen Pelt CoatKhergitYes10++261Clothes
Khergit Slave PaintKhergit Slave PaintKhergitNo1+++11 Clothes
Brown Fur CoatBrown Fur CoatKhergitYes15++6103Armor
Tiger Nomad RobeTiger Nomad RobeKhergitYes590---13236Clothes
Green Nomad RobeGreen Nomad RobeKhergitYes590---13236Clothes
Red Nomad RobeRed Nomad RobeKhergitYes590---13236Clothes
Coloured Nomad RobeColoured Nomad RobeKhergitYes590---13236Clothes
Purple Nomad RobePurple Nomad RobeKhergitYes590---13236Clothes
Red Pelt CoatRed Pelt CoatKhergitYes10++261Clothes
Purple Pelt CoatPurple Pelt CoatKhergitYes10++261Clothes
Black Fur CoatBlack Fur CoatKhergitYes15++6103Armor
White Fur CoatWhite Fur CoatKhergitYes15++6103Armor
Yellow Fur CoatYellow Fur CoatKhergitYes15++6103Armor
Merchant TunicMerchant TunicNordYes373-7133Clothes
Black SkjortaBlack SkjortaNordNo630---4236Clothes
White Linen SkjortiraWhite Linen SkjortiraNordYes7++25 Clothes
Blue TrousersBlue TrousersNordNo2+++12 Clothes
Blue Viking TunicBlue Viking TunicNordNo12++48 Clothes
Blue SkjortaBlue SkjortaNordNo630---4236Clothes
Striped SkjortaStriped SkjortaNordNo630---4236Clothes
Green Blue SkjortaGreen Blue SkjortaNordNo630---4236Clothes
Green Red SkjortaGreen Red SkjortaNordNo630---4236Clothes
Brown SkjortaBrown SkjortaNordNo630---4236Clothes
Green Linen SkjortiraGreen Linen SkjortiraNordYes7++25 Clothes
Brown Linen SkjortiraBrown Linen SkjortiraNordYes7++25 Clothes
Green Viking TunicGreen Viking TunicNordNo12++48 Clothes
Purple Viking TunicPurple Viking TunicNordNo12++48 Clothes
Red Viking TunicRed Viking TunicNordNo12++48 Clothes
Green Highlander Merchant CostumeGreen Highlander Merchant CostumeRhodokYes348-3132Clothes
Rhodok Noble RobeRhodok Noble RobeRhodokYes750---4268Clothes
Tunic with Green CapeTunic with Green CapeRhodokYes6++162Clothes
Light Green Mountain ClothLight Green Mountain ClothRhodokNo3+++431Clothes
White Tunic with vestWhite Tunic with vestRhodokYes14++292Clothes
Green Rhodok Noble RobeGreen Rhodok Noble RobeRhodokYes750---4268Clothes
Yellow Rhodok Noble RobeYellow Rhodok Noble RobeRhodokYes750---4268Clothes
Red Rhodok Noble RobeRed Rhodok Noble RobeRhodokYes750---4268Clothes
Light Blue Rhodok Noble RobeLight Blue Rhodok Noble RobeRhodokYes750---4268Clothes
Rhodok Noble Robe2Rhodok Noble RobeRhodokYes750---4268Clothes
Tunic with Red CapeTunic with Red CapeRhodokYes6++162Clothes
Tunic with Yellow CapeTunic with Yellow CapeRhodokYes6++162Clothes
Blue Tunic with vestBlue Tunic with vestRhodokYes14++292Clothes
Green Tunic with vestGreen Tunic with vestRhodokYes14++292Clothes
Red Tunic with vestRed Tunic with vestRhodokYes14++292Clothes
Ethiopian Merchant TunicEthiopian Merchant TunicSarranidYes316-3133Clothes
Orange Maratha TunicOrange Maratha TunicSarranidYes450---4214Clothes
Striped Brown Worn RobeStriped Brown Worn RobeSarranidYes7++373Clothes
Sarranid Slave MarkSarranid Slave MarkSarranidNo1+++112Clothes
Black Worn RobeBlack Worn RobeSarranidYes14++394Clothes
Red Maratha TunicRed Maratha TunicSarranidYes450---4214Clothes
Black Maratha TunicBlack Maratha TunicSarranidYes450---4214Clothes
White Maratha TunicWhite Maratha TunicSarranidYes450---4214Clothes
Yellow Maratha TunicYellow Maratha TunicSarranidYes450---4214Clothes
Blue Maratha TunicBlue Maratha TunicSarranidYes450---4214Clothes
Striped Green Worn RobeStriped Green Worn RobeSarranidYes7++373Clothes
Striped Red Worn RobeStriped Red Worn RobeSarranidYes7++373Clothes
Beige Worn RobeBeige Worn RobeSarranidYes14++394Clothes
Green Worn RobeGreen Worn RobeSarranidYes14++394Clothes
Red Worn RobeRed Worn RobeSarranidYes14++394Clothes
Brown Highlander Merchant CostumeBrown Highlander Merchant Costume- 355 3132Armor
Leather ApronLeather Apron- 41 3127Clothes
Surgeon ClothingSurgeon Clothing- 217 5102Armor
Decorated Priest RobeDecorated Priest Robe- 350 4205Armor
Monk RobeMonk Robe- 30 4102Armor
Pilgrim DisguisePilgrim Disguise- 25 2198Clothes
RobeRobe- 13 1.586Clothes
Tribal Warrior OutfitTribal Warrior Outfit- 35 14154Clothes
Scout TunicScout Tunic- 25 7133Clothes
Total: 99


  1. Specifies how frequent the item can be found:
    '---' very rare, '--' uncommon, '-' sometimes, 'o' often, '+' frequent, '++' regular.

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