Freelancer Expanded Tree Overview

C6 Freelancer Heavy Knight

C6 Freelancer Heavy Knight

Default Arms:
Horseman's Heater Shield, Great Lance, Swadian Lord Sword
Arms Selection:
Blue-Red Vaegir Kite Shield, Khergit Steel Shield, Large Red Woodenshield, Mamluk's Round Shield, Vaegir Lance, Hooked Lance, Langr Svia, Rhodok Lance, Sarranid Lance, Military Cleaver, Steppe Sabre, Saxon Sword, Small Estoc, Scimitar

Default Armor:
Heraldic Heavy Mail and Plate, Dragon Shynbaulds, White Faceplate Helmet, Iron Gauntlets
Armor Selection:
Black Coat of Plates, Red Cuir Bouilli, Khergit Red Tunic Armor, White Raven Nordic Mail Shirt, Green Corrazina, Green Sarranid Chain Armor, Plated Mail Boots, Leather Mail Greaves, Lamellar Mail Boots, Nord Plated Mail Sandals, Shynbaulds, Brass Plated Mail Boots, Blue Full Helmet, Vaegir War Helmet, Khergit Lamellar Helmet, Golden Valsgarde Helmet, Prato Chapel-de-fer, Iron Spire Helmet, Plate Gauntlets, Black Wisby Gauntlets, Lamellar Gauntlets, Nord Mail Gauntlets, Hourglass Gauntlets, Brass Lamellar Gauntlets, Iron Gauntlets

Default Mount:
Iron Plated Charger
Mount Selection:
Royal Warhorse, Leathered Warhorse, Brass Warhorse, Blue Warhorse, Chain Warhorse, Golden Warhorse