Swadian Expanded Tree Overview

C5 Swadian Man-at-Arms

C5 Swadian Man-at-Arms

Small Swadian Morningstar, Black and White Kiteshield, Heavy Lance

Red Flattop Helmet, Mail with Red Surcoat, Mail Hose, Mail Gauntlets, Mail with Red White Surcoat, White Flattop Helmet

Lily Lion Warhorse, Long Barded Red Lily Warhorse

Upgrades to:
C6 Swadian Lancer
Swadian man-at-arms

Going by the same name in the English translation as in normal Floris, the Man-at-arms is a step down from the lancer, and is almost the same as the Man-At-Arms in native. Good in melee as well as mounted, they usually offer mixed support to any force.

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