Freelancer Expanded Tree Overview

C4 Freelancer Squire

C4 Freelancer Squire

Default Arms:
Horseman's Heater Shield, Light Lance, Clamshell Sword
Arms Selection:
Blue-Red Vaegir Kite Shield, Mercenary Steel Shield, Large Red Woodenshield, Golden Heater Shield, Elite Cavalry Shield, Khergit Lance, Desert Lance, Military Sickle, Nomad Sabre, Angle Longsword, Squire Sword, Sarranid Arming Sword

Default Armor:
Heraldic Mail, White Splinted Greaves, Mercenary Kettle Helmet, Mail Mittens
Armor Selection:
Swadian Yellow Surcoat, Leather Jerkin, Khergit Brown Lamellar Armor, Blue Nordic Light Armor, Yellow Peasant Mail Shirt, Yellow Cavalry Robe, Swadian Plated Sandals, Vaegir Leather Plated Shoes, Khergit Plated Sandals, Nord Plated Sandals, Splinted Greaves, Plated Camel Boots, Brown Bascinet with Aventail, Vaegir Helmet, Khergit War Helmet, Black Valsgarde Cheek Helmet, Byzantion Helmet, Sarranid Yellow Mail Coif, Plate Mittens, Leather Mittens, Lamellar Mittens, Scale Mittens, Brigandine Mittens, Brass Mail Mittens

Default Mount:
White Sumpter Horse
Mount Selection:
Saddle Horse, Feather Saddle Horse, Coloured Saddle Horse, Steel Grey Courser, Brown Rouncey, Dun Desert Horse

Upgrades to:
C5 Freelancer Knight
H5 Freelancer Horse Archer

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