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Books in Floris come in three types:

Readable Books

Readable books grant the player or any companion a permanent bonus to an Attribute or Skill once it has been read from cover to cover; this takes some time. Reading can only be initiated by a character who has a not-yet-read book in her/her inventory and who has a sufficiently high Intelligence. The player begins reading a book while in camp and can give his or her companions books while talking with them.

Readable Attribute Books (2.54)
Book Effect Requirements Price
Essays on logic Essays on logic +1 Intelligence 10 Int 2900
Holy Bible Holy Bible +1 Charisma 12 Int 4500
Readable Skill Books (2.54)
Book Effect Requirements Price
A treatise on the value of things A treatise on the value of things +1 Trade 11 Int 3100
Method of mechanical theorems Method of mechanical theorems +1 Engineer 12 Int 4000
De Re Militari De Re Militari +1 Tactics 9 Int 4000
On the art of fighting with swords On the art of fighting with swords +1 Weapon Master 9 Int 4200
The life of Alixenus the Great The life of Alixenus the Great +1 Leadership 7 Int 4200
Necronomicon Necronomicon +1 Looting 13 Int 5000
Rhetorica ad Herennium Rhetorica ad Herennium +1 Persuasion 8 Int 5000
Ramuns Note Ramun's Note +1 Prisoner Management 8 Int 5000

Reference Books

Reference books give the character holding them a Skill bonus. Unlike readable books, a reference book gives a bonus the moment you purchase it but can (obviously) only benefit the character holding it in his/her inventory.

Reference Books (2.54)
Book Effect Price
The great book of surgery The great book of surgery +1 Surgery 3500
Manual of arms Manual of arms +1 Trainer 3500
The book of healing The book of healing +1 Wound treatment 3500
Lore of Calradia Lore of Calradia +1 Pathfinding 3500
Scientia Servandi Scientia Servandi +1 Spotting 3500
Primo Auxilium Primo Auxilium +1 First Aid 3500

Merchant's Ledger

Merchants Ledger-icon

The Merchant's Ledger contains information that changes as the game progresses and it keeps track of recently obtained trade price lists (price: 3500). Having this book in your inventory allows you to access Caba'drin's Trade Ledger presentation. Without it, the menu options to access this information are not present.

How To Acquire the Book?

  • You can purchase one from the book vendors that appear randomly throughout the realm.
  • By choosing either the travelling merchant (father) or goods peddler (later life) background options during the Character Creation process you will receive one at the beginning of play. Choosing both will still only yield one ledger.
  • "Assess the local prices" option has to be taken at least once in order to access the Trade Ledger presentation in camp menu.

(Note: As of 2.53, the only ledger available is the Merchant's Ledger.)

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