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  • A Swadian Knight

    Now, I bet you're wondering what a title like this could mean...

    Put simply, I'm going to try and go from tree to tree adding in unit names in english, and their basic combat effectiveness based on my observations. I would highly appreciate it if others could put their input (heh) aboutthe specific unit's combat effectiveness as well, as my one opinion may be faulty in others games. Maybe I'll throw in a picture here and their, of the unit in combat, or on the feild.

    To make it easy on your eyes, Here is my goal.

    1. Unit name in english (for the people who didn't enjoy the other names for cobat reasons)
    2. Combat effectiveness in a situation. (how well they do)
    3. A picture of either them in battle, or them on the feild.
    4. Cry and scream at all the hard wo…
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  • Imemine

    What's new on Floris Wiki

    December 12, 2012 by Imemine

    Hi, I'm imemine and I have been working on the Wiki for several months. I'm supporting Floris with a German translation since Version 2.53. If you are a German-speaking Floris fan, you can also enjoy the full Floris Wiki in German. (No article is missing - No kidding!). You can find an interlanguage link to the German Wiki at the bottom of each page.

    But now, back to international Wiki issues. The following articles were added to the Wiki and several changes were made:

    • Wiki navigation:
      The green navigation bar has been changed and includes now a topic related content page (Wiki Content) and submenus linking to important topics. Hopefully, now you can easily find what you have been searching for.
    • Unit pages:
      The unit pages with detailed informa…
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  • Bremmelgod

    Unit information update

    September 8, 2012 by Bremmelgod

    Hello, I'll start updating the units of each faction, items and screenshots, and after that, if possible, I'll try to make an strategic review.

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  • Bremmelgod

    Detailed unit information

    September 8, 2012 by Bremmelgod

    Hello, I'll start to make unit's pages more accurate and update them with actual pictures and data, and after that, I'll see if I can make an overview of each unit.

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  • VineFynn


    September 6, 2012 by VineFynn

    Hi. I'm VineFynn, and this is my account for wikia.

    I recently had a load of free time, and so in addition to playing Floris I've had a look at the wiki. I've noticed that it had a few bare articles, and the categories were a bit dishevelled. The all important Content category was almost empty.

    So, in a bount of vigilante editing, I've written up a few articles like Getting Started, expanded several articles and reformed the categories to prevent blanketing.

    I hope I haven't offended anyone by doing this, I'm just trying to help.

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  • Ko0o

    Laurence of the outlaws???

    August 7, 2012 by Ko0o

    soo i was playing expanded and stumbled oupon a bandit with a banner called Laurence he had 200 forestbandits and was followed by an army of around 100 forestbandits and yet another army with 100 looters. I took him and the other 400 guys out (with my 150 swadian horse men from c4 to c7 mostly c5) got some nice man hunters out of it and didnt lose that many guys but what im wondering is if he have a hidden hideout (becuase he had a banner) i cant find him inside the character list but i took some screen shots after the battle... didnt talk with him got ambused by one of the other guys so i dont know if you are able to join him or if you can get a quest from him:-)


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  • Windyplains

    A component of Floris 2.6's companion management system that I hinted at in the last blog was the newly revamped auto-looting system. The previous work used in Floris, originally by Fisheye and revised by rubik, was a good start, but it left a little to be desired in terms of customization and had a few odd quirks I wanted to get rid of. For Floris regulars you can probably name a few quirks of your own, but I'll throw out a couple of examples anyway:

    • Ever change a companion's settings to use a weapon they don't currently have? First fight you tell them to upgrade afterwards they'll ditch their current weapon even if they don't find a replacement. So you may not even notice your companion has elected to bring fists to a sword fight. The ori…
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  • Windyplains

    What originally began as a simple idea of making it less inconvenient to switch between weapon sets and adding a little more functionality to our autolooting system has since turned into a growing "companion management system". This is with the goal of improving your interaction with companions and making them a little less maintenance to keep up to date.

    Since I had some spare time off today, I began work on a companion relationship matrix report. The idea here is to reduce some of the confusion on which companions like or dislike one another, what their morality types are and how stable they are in the party. From this screen each companion will show the following information on their row:

    • Their stability rating based on how many liked & d…
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  • Caba`drin


    May 11, 2012 by Caba`drin

    While taking a break from bug-hunting in Floris, I figured I might as well whip up a new feature: waypoints!

    Now, like in many other real-time-tactics/strategy games, you will be able to give your divisions waypoint orders/pathing in the form of a string of "hold position over there" orders with the 'hold-F1-positioning-flag'. It currently is activated by holding down the 'ACTION' key (will be made key-configurable and tied to the same key that disables the F1 flag from targeting an enemy division) throughout giving the F1-flag order. (So the key must be held down when F1 is pressed and continued to be held down after it is released, while it is pressed-held-and-released again, etc).

    Similarly, while the ACTION key is down, the waypoint flag…

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  • Windyplains

    While we are still awaiting a final patch for Warband (1.152 presently with 1.153 expected) I've turned back towards tinkering with new feature ideas for Floris 2.6. One of the things I found myself reminded about while playing longer games in 2.5 with a lance & sword knight character on the battlefield while using a sword/shield & crossbow/bolts in sieges was the annoying need to respec between different types of fights. Remembering a very vague complaint about the same thing from the PoP forums the idea came to me that with the right presentation we could simply let you set what equipment you wanted to show up in various battle scenarios and then force your character to wear that equipment (assuming it is available). Hence the Dynamic Weap…

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  • Windyplains

    Tournament Rewards

    April 24, 2012 by Windyplains

    Some of the feedback I've received on tournaments throughout 2.5 was that the money made from betting during rounds is too much and the rewards earned from winning a tournament comes out to be too little. I agree on both counts and often have tried to limit my changes from being too "Floris specific" so that I don't make it overly difficult to port the tournament kit for common use.

    Since we had the opportunity for a 2.52 patch to Floris I thought I'd take a first stab at shifting this direction with the "bidding" system. So far according to the Floris 2.52 Polls it appears to be a relatively positive change, but as Ferodaktyl so stated it as "turned tournaments into a cash cow". The idea was that the kit would scale your payout based on ho…

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  • Thetivec

    The tale of Ulfar continues.

    While trade at first looks alright, he runs into an enormous bandit army which decimates his troops. He does, however, manage to get away without being captured, and flees the land of the Nords. Just as he is entering Sarranid lands, a messenger reaches him: The sultanate has declared war against the Rhodoks. Seeing what the marshall wants, he joins the army to liberate Bariyye from Rhodok hands.

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  • Windyplains

    Last time I spoke about being summoned back to your keep to help your steward deal with a pressing matter. Upon arrival the steward reveals that a large group of mercenaries have camped out nearby and have requested an audience with you. Now we're left with the choice of either dismissing them outright or inviting the mercenary leader in to discuss his intentions.

    It was asked in the suggestion thread about whether mercenary parties would ever be for hire in Floris and the answer to that in 2.6 is yes. One of the new Nobility Quests will function as your mercenary contract allowing you to hire a small band for a moderate fee. Once hired, the mercenary party, lead by its own named hero, will trail behind you on the world map aiding you in co…

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  • Thetivec

    Hello everyone!

    I thought I'd give you a little bit of insight on how to make your own Let's Play series for Mount and Blade (or, really any game that you like). Back in January I posted my first video playing Dwarf Fortress. Let me tell you how this first recording went in my own opinion:

    Not well at all.

    I needed about five or more tries to get the introduction right. The first time I got the intro right, I kept on babbling for a while and then realized that I wasn't recording at all. Back to the start, and keep trying to do the intro.

    It got better though. A few episodes in I started getting the introduction right and everything started getting a bit more of a natural flow to it. Now I just hit record, and go "hello guys...." and take it fr…

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  • Thetivec

    Ulfar's given Reindi Castle as he was the captor of it, and he joins the siege of Dhirim to take it back from the Vaegirs. In Dhirim he finds a new companion to join the war party. Peace declarations are made with both the Vaegirs and Swadia, and Ulfar immediately sets his aim on making a couple of successful trading runs.

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  • Windyplains

    Your Town Needs You

    April 3, 2012 by Windyplains

    Lately we've been focusing most of our attention at getting the 2.52 patch out of the door and getting the wiki off of its feet, but a Caba made a good point that helped me solve a problem with one of my 2.6 projects so I thought I'd fix it while I remembered. And while I am fixing it, I may as well share a little of what leads up to it.

    The upcoming Nobility Quests will feature several quests that involve something occurring around one of your fiefs that requires your attention. One way in which you'll be notified of this comes in the form of the castle messenger who'll join your party if you are nearby your own lands to let you know what is going on. You'll be able to send him packing without consequence for most quests or let him know yo…

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  • Thetivec

    On this page I'm going to post links to each of the LP videos I have created. Feel free to visit my channel on Youtube to see the other playlists of games I am playing. The main playlist for Floris Mod Pack is here.

    Episode 13

    The war with the Rhodoks come to an end when things start to look dire. Ulfar does some trading and finds another companion to join his ranks. The episode is rounded off by the attack and defeat of a poorly protected Swadian castle!

    Episode 12

    Ulfar takes Jamiche castle from Swadia, and quickly realizes that he hasn't got troop enough to support the garrison. This episode holds a fair deal of battles.

    Note: In the last quarter of this video the game started slowing down a bit, but it's not too bad.

    Episode 11

    The war agains…

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  • Windyplains

    Players have been asking for a form of user guide or wiki for some time now and I thought that should be one of our goals to accomplish prior to the 2.6 release of Floris. While we're still a long ways off from seeing 2.6 see the light of day, I did want to get things moving. Initially I suggested a Tiddleywiki format which looked nice, but would not have been done in a way that players could edit as well. Considering the scope of what we're trying to accomplish and after seeing the guide threads players have recently made the group decided to give this format a shot. I hope it helps improve the gaming experience for everyone.

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