Bandits Expanded Trees Overview

Black Khergit Horseman

Black Khergit Horseman
Level: 20
HP: 59
STR: 14 AGI: 8
INT: 9 CHA: 9
Power Strike: 4 Ironflesh: 5
Power Draw: 5 Athletics: 5
Power Throw: 0 Shield: 5
Horse Archery: 4 Riding: 10
Weapon Proficiencies
1-H: 200 Archery: 200
2-H: 200 Crossbows: 200
Polearms: 200 Throwing: 200

Decorated Steel Shield, Amazon Bow, Hospitaller Sword, Amazon Arrows, Two Handed Greatsword, Gothic Lance, Bec de Corbin, Squared Mace, Great Axe, Battle Axe

Imperial Plate Armor, Dragon Greaves, Black Crusader Helmet, Iron Gauntlets

Saddle Horse

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