Freelancer Expanded Tree Overview

A2 Freelancer Hunter

A2 Freelancer Hunter

Default Arms:
Swadian Corner Heater Shield, Swadian Practice Bow, Clamshell Dagger, Gromite Arrows
Arms Selection:
Old Kite Shield, Old Round Shield, Small Red Woodenshield, Sharp Arrows, Khergit Arrows, Bodkin Arrows, Bolts, Sarranid Arrows, Arrows, Imperial Hunting Bow, Khergit Practice Bow, Hunting Bow, Hunting Crossbow, Sarranid Practice Bow, Sickle, Khergit Dagger, Seax, Rondel Dagger, Khyber Knife

Default Armor:
Black and White Tabard, Ankle Boots, Nasal Cap
Armor Selection:
Red Gambeson, Green Leather Armor, Khergit Red Armor, Blue Viking Lamellar Armor, Leather Peasant Outfit, Light Green Quilted Vest, Woolen Hose, Vaegir Shoes, Khergit Leather Boots, Nord Shoes, Brown Highlander Boots, Sarranid Shoes, Red Padded Coif, Cap with Fur, Leather Steppe Cap, Eyebrow Spangen Helmet, Leather Cap, Yellow Tuareg

Upgrades to:
C3 Freelancer Page
A3 Freelancer Woodsman

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